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Sunday, August 20, 2006

Just A Short Question

Did anyone hear the word "Jesus" in the hour long special on Rick Warren and the Purpose-Driven Life on FoxNews? Or on any of the other interviews including The Factor with Bill O'Reilly and Fox and Friends?


Blogger R. Mansfield said...

I was watching that Exodus special on the History Channel and didn't see the interview. Do you know if Fox is going to re-air it?

8/21/2006 07:54:00 AM

Blogger Stephen Newell said...

Yeah, I heard "Jesus" a few times. Unfortunately, it was never used in conjunction with the word "salvation." It was more along the lines of WWJD.

As much as I wanted to agree with Warren about the causes of suffering, I couldn't, because all of his "big 5" are caused quite simply by our fallen condition. Unless he has plans to do something about that, he's gonna fail miserably.

8/21/2006 10:29:00 AM

Blogger ColinM said...

I saw a portion of the Fox and Friends stint. He mentioned Jesus there...in this context:

Q from audience: "If there is a God, why do bad things happen to good people?"

A from Warren: (in context of talking about God not willing the evil things on 9-11 pr that it was Karma) "When Jesus came up to someone on the side of the road, he didn't say, 'It was God's will,' or 'It was because of what you did in the past,' but Jesus would say, 'How can I help you?'"

Later, he went on to urge people of the audience to join a community of faith. No qualifiers, however, of which faith.

8/21/2006 10:32:00 AM

Blogger Johnny Grimes said...

I only remember hearing Jesus one time. That was at the end of the show and the host quoted Jesus.

8/21/2006 12:18:00 PM

Blogger Timmy said...

@ Rick,

My guess is that it will be re-aired since he is so popular right now.

Concerning the name of Jesus, I heard it only one . . . from the mouth of David Asman in conclusion to his special. Now I know that some people will say that I need to focus on the relief efforts he is doing in Rwanda and the AIDS crisis. I am in no way overlooking the charitable work he is doing as well as mission work.

HOWEVER, under what banner and name is he doing all this? Rick Warren? Purpose Driven?

While for evangelicals like Dr. Mohler, John MacArthur, or even Franklin Graham, they usually cannot finish a sentence or a 5-minute segment without sharing their commitment to Jesus Christ. Warren easily goes one hour and Jesus is nowhere on the radar screen. What does this say to Christians whose goal is to be Christ-like in our lives? Is being purpose-driven the ultimate goal or being Christ-like? It appears to me that one has eclipsed, if not replaced, the other. I am jealous for the glory of Jesus, and when His name is not honored and glorified among those who profess him (yea, even not named), I have serious issues.

8/21/2006 12:40:00 PM

Blogger Pastor Scott said...


What does this say about all of our churches that have embarked on their 40 days of Purpose journeys? We are in the apostacy. But Jesus says all these things must take place.

8/21/2006 01:40:00 PM


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