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prov·o·ca·tion - something that provokes, arouses, or stimulates. pant - to long eagerly; yearn. a collection of thoughts intended to provoke and inspire. these posts are hoping to encourage people to think, especially Christians, and pant even harder for the waterbrooks of the Lord. If you are not a believer in Christ Jesus, I welcome your perspective and encourage your investigation on these matters.

Tuesday, September 05, 2006

When You're Not Singing . . . Smile!

One of the funniest things about the political campaign season is watching the speeches on television. Actually, I like watching the people in the background even more. Usually you can catch a little kid falling asleep or a teenager picking their nose or sometimes a group of people totally disinterested in the person speaking. I guess that's why they started hand-picking those who would fill the background (usually the most enthusiastic, best-dressed, family-oriented, etc.). While editing some photos for tomorrow's article, I could not help but chuckle as I looked at this photo. I actually cropped several other people out of the picture, as it was intended to focus on Dr. Page. But for those fortunate ones which remain, could you imagine what they were thinking? I thought this was just too funny. Because I work at UPS (third shift), I haven't been able to attend chapel since Fall 2004 semester (we had last night off so I could - I usually sleep in the mornings). Oh well, the sermon was good (I will share about that later). Here's the photo:

{click to enlarge}
Next time you are in chapel and a camera is on you, remember to smile! P&P is watching . . . (but then again, it was my first time in almost two years . . .)


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