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Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Lifeway Responds to Centrifuge Curriculum

Yesterday, Mark Marshall, who oversees the Centrifuge Camps, responded on Founder's Blog to the recent concerns by bloggers about the curriculum offered this summer at the Centrifuge camps. Here is what Tom Ascol said in response:

"I am very grateful for his gracious letter. His gentle spirit and open acknowledgment of areas that need to be strengthened combine for an example of how Christian brothers should discuss matters of importance like this, even when we may not see exactly eye-to-eye. His words should have a calming effect on those who are extremely exercised over the material and on those who are extremely exercised that concerns have been raised about the material. As a pastor I find his letter refreshing and encouraging. Upon receiving it, I prayed for Mr. Marshall regarding the work that is before him. Let me encourage you to pray for him, as well."
Over the past couple of days, I have been corresponding with Dr. Thom Rainer who was kind enough to hear my concerns and inform me on Lifeway's response to the matter. I want to take a short moment to encourage those of you invested in this matter to join me in praying for Dr. Rainer and the leadership of the Centrifuge camps as they work to change the curriculum to better reflect the gospel of Jesus Christ. As I shared with Dr. Rainer, I do not believe that bloggers had any intention of being against Lifeway or Centrifuge as much as we wanted to be for the truths of the gospel, which were obviously left out. As he acknowledged the influence of blogs these days, I encourage him to consider us not as a threat but as those who could help in the work he is doing. As the former Lifeway CEO Jimmy Draper so courageously pioneered the way of reaching out to the younger generation of Southern Baptists, I hope that Dr. Rainer will find us as a meaningful part of not only Lifeway but all of the SBC as a whole. There is a bright future ahead, and I for one would like to be a part of it.


Blogger The Traveler said...

Awesome that this is moving but I am visualizing Rainer pinning some officers to the wall twisting their arm behind their backs asking "will you put the gospel back in?"

I wonder if a simple "Yeah it probably would have been better to include the gospel in the bible study material." could have been offered.

Can leaders ever admit a wrong without giving excuses? Excuses say one thing.. "what we were doing was really right but you are too stupid to understand it like we do and as soon as we can we will go back to our way."

"See look at the decisions. We were anointed with the Holy Spirit!! Why are you criticizing us? Gospel? We got decisions!! We got thousands of them!!"

What kind of decisions were they? If they realize that there was a mistake in the material for this summer ought not we at least get a "whoops... sorry!!"?

3/15/2006 03:08:00 PM


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