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prov·o·ca·tion - something that provokes, arouses, or stimulates. pant - to long eagerly; yearn. a collection of thoughts intended to provoke and inspire. these posts are hoping to encourage people to think, especially Christians, and pant even harder for the waterbrooks of the Lord. If you are not a believer in Christ Jesus, I welcome your perspective and encourage your investigation on these matters.

Monday, September 19, 2005

Christianity and Hypocrisy (UPDATED)

It goes without saying that when you find a skeptic or someone who wishes to point out every possible excuse to becoming a Christian, the matter of hypocrisy will arise. I must say that I have not given considerable thought to the issue of hypocrisy, and since last Friday, I have been thinking about some various aspects/facets to hypocrisy. I don't want to explain them but rather share my "meditative points" (similar to talking points) over recent days. If you have any other aspects of hypocrisy worth thinking through (i.e. Scripture texts, sources for reading, logic/reasoning, etc.), please let me know. I want to deal with square on, and examine myself foremost and utmost in this matter. Here's the "meditative points": 1. To be 99% Christian is to be 100% hypocrite? 2. Good Tree and Good Fruit Bad Tree and Bad Fruit (Matthew 7:15-20) 3. The parable of the wheat and tares (Matthew 13:24-30, 36-43) 4. The hypocrites Jesus cursed (Matthew 23:1-36) 5. The Struggle of Romans 7 6. Philippians 3 – “let us hold true to what we have attained” 7. The NT usage of “perfection” (maturity) (Matt 5:48/Col.1 :28-29/James 1:4) 8. Carnality and childishness (underdevelopment/immaturity) 1 Corinthians 3:1-4 9. Failing the test (the worlds vs. God’s) 2 Corinthians 13:5 10. Performance-graded assessment (criteria/evidence/validation/observable data) 11. Should churches have hypocrites in it? 12. Shipwrecked Faith Wandering from the truth Straying from the faith Went out from among us to show that they were never among us 13. Contemporary dismissal of discipleship 14. The local church’s recognition of false professions (via baptism/membership) 15. Eternal security vs. perseverance of the saints 16. What kind of gospel do you preach? Easy believism? Lordship salvation? 17. The standard and entrance to the kingdom of God – how high? 18. Having an appearance of godliness but denying its power (2 Timothy 3:5) 19. Pretender – Imposter – Hollow – Artificial fruit 20. Hypocrites are those who use the excuse of hypocrisy to avoid being confronted with the truth. 21. Simon the Magician Ananias and Sapphira (Acts 5:1-11; 8:9-24) 22. The calling and condemnation of Judas 23. Many will say to me on that day . . . (Matthew 7:21-23) 24. Though a righteous man fall seven times, he will rise again 25. The counterfeit presupposes the authentic 26. Beliefs and behavior Profession and practice 27. Change and consistency Character and conduct 28. Giving - Praying - Fasting as Hypocrites (Matthew 6) 29. Beware of the leaven of the Pharisees, which is hypocrisy (Luke 12:1) 30. In hell the hypocrite "shall be beaten with many stripes" (Luke 12:47) greater condemnation? 31. One proud man may hate another, and he that is covetous himself will be apt to censure another for being so . . . so my a hypocrite loath that in another, which yet he alloweth in himself. - John Flaverl 32. The word hypocrite properly signifies "an actor or stage-player, a personator of other men in speech, habit, and action." - Andrew Bromhall 33. Enemies of the cross: god is belly, glory is shame, mind on earthly things (Philippians 3:18-19) 34. God has no pleasure in hypocrites (Isaiah 9:17) 35. Lip service versus sincere hearts (Matthew 15:8) 36. Having a seared conscience and speaking lies (1 Timothy 4:2) 37. Contrasted to spiritual growth (1 Peter 2:1-2) 38. The danger of being carried away in hypocrisy (Galatians 2:11-13) These thoughts have arisen from talking to some college students at U of L and hearing once more the excuse of hypocrisy as a means for rejecting Christianity. What do you think about these meditative points? Care to expound on any of them yourself? Love to know what you think. I may add some more points as I continue to dwell on this important matter.


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