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prov·o·ca·tion - something that provokes, arouses, or stimulates. pant - to long eagerly; yearn. a collection of thoughts intended to provoke and inspire. these posts are hoping to encourage people to think, especially Christians, and pant even harder for the waterbrooks of the Lord. If you are not a believer in Christ Jesus, I welcome your perspective and encourage your investigation on these matters.

Friday, May 26, 2006

Robertson Is Here to Pump You Up!

Yesterday, I asked the question, "Why?" and well, it looks like a lot of other people have been asking the same question. I decided to do a little investigating to see if anyone caught Pat Robertson doing his leg press work out, and well I came up with more than that! Below are a series of photos of Robertson leg pressing, flexing, promoting his shake at a body building contest, and showing us just how easy and age-defying his shake really is. These photos were hard to come by, but the P&P paparazzi has been hot on the case. Here's what we found . . .

Pat Robertson warming up on the leg press machine . . .
Pat Robertson promoting shake at body building contest . . .
Pat Robertson flexing his legs . . . (Hey Pat, how about a little modesty, eh?)
Pat Robertson making it look easy . . . And now for a quote which was mentioned both at JT and CBS Sportsline:
"That would mean a 76-year-old man broke the all-time Florida State University leg press record by 665 pounds over Dan Kendra. 665 pounds. Further, when he set the record, they had to modify the leg press machine to fit 1,335 pounds of weight. Plus, Kendra's capillaries in his eyes burst. Burst. Where in the world did Robertson even find a machine that could hold 2,000 pounds at one time? And how does he still have vision?"


Blogger brittney said...

I didn't really read anything, but the pictures made me laugh. Great post Timmy!

5/29/2006 10:58:00 PM


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