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Thursday, February 16, 2006

New Updated Blog Reader for IMB Issues

Because of the recent events, I have decided to re-publish this post to bring it back to the front page, updated with recent posts. The goal of this post is not present one side over the other; rather, it is to serve as a sort of "reader" for those who want to say up on the ordeal. I do the research so that you don't have to. :) I have been aware of all this, but because I was out of the country for the past couple of weeks, a lot more commentary has been made. I have collected some of the blogposts to provide a sort of reader for myself and wanted to provide the links for you as well. Regardless of where you fall on this situation, it is important that we approach this with a well-informed mind, humble heart, and a willingness to listen to those who disagree with you. For the glory of Christ and the gospel of the kingdom, let us be prayerful during these times. >> IMB: Trustee Responsibilities, International Mission Board, SBC NEW IMB Trustee Chairman Sends 'Open Letters' to Southern Baptist Pastors, Laity Explaining Decisions NEW Letters from the Board of Trustees Chairman Tom Hatley NEW Guidelines on Baptism NEW Policy on Tongues and Prayer Language NEW Position Paper Concerning the IMB Guideline on Baptism Position Paper Concerning the IMB Policy on Glossolalia IMB Trustee Chairman, Officers Will Ask Full Board to Withdraw Its Request for the SBC to Remove Burleson Trustee Appoint 89 Missionaries, Adopt $282.5 Million Budget, Set New Personnel Selection International Mission Board Definition of a Church January 25, 2005 Bloggers: >> Wade Burleson: The SBC of Our Fathers NEW I Have a Dream for the SBC NEW What Is the Status of the Blue Book? NEW Missions Exists Because Worship Does Not NEW My Thoughts Toward My Fellow Trustees NEW My Conversation with Chairman Hatley I Will Continue to Blog With Comments Ten Terrific Things Tied to Tampa Decisions My Last Post as an International Mission Board Trustee? Wise Heads and Warm Hearts The Schedule for the IMB Meeting and a Request for Prayer Blogging and the IMB Meeting in Tampa A Thoughtful Email from a Southern Baptist Friend A Tip of the Hat to IMB Trustees and Some Help Requested from Grassroots Southern Baptists A Proposed New Policy on Baptism A Proposed New Policy on Tongues What Students at Our Seminaries Learn About Tongues The Subtle Power of Spiritual Abuse The Point Is Being Missed Yet Again Very Important Words from IMB Missionary David Rogers, Son of the Late Dr. Adrian Rogers IMB Minutes from 2004 That Are Worth Noting A Move Toward Transparency Is Needed There are No Southern Baptist Churches on the Mission Field Southern Baptists, Adolph Hitler, and the Danger of Exalting "Cultural Religion Rather Than Jesus Christ What Is At Stake in the Southern Baptist Convention I've Learned That You Can't Judge Someone's Motives Theology, Baptist History, and the Privilege of Dissent International Mission Board Trustee Dr. Allen McWhite Resuring Landmarkism in the Southern Baptist Convention and Its Impact on the Mission Field (Part Two) Resurging Landmarkism in the Southern Baptist Convention and Its Impact on the Mission Field (Part One) Hocus Pocus Ordinances Did Anyone Actually Read the Peace Report? Deliver Us From Dogmatism We Pray Sometimes the Tongue I Don't Understand Is the English One Southern Baptist Leaders and Their Blogs Five Themes for Greensboro And Now You Know, The Rest of the Story I Will Continue to Blog About the IMB A Pause for Reflection A Fair Minded Request The Wonderful Work of the IMB J.L. Dagg and Christian Baptism What Is True About IMB Trustees Political Conservatives vs. Cooperating Conservatives: The Struggle for the Future of the Southern Baptist Convention Jim Henry's 1996 Presidential Address Wisdom Will Prevail Excellent Reading Material An Offer to My Fellow Trustees The Talking Head Winners Announced In My Shoes . . . A Friendly Contest The Associated Press Stay on Point--Don't Get Confused Never Forget It's About Missions Sunday Morning Sermon, January 15, 2006 Crusading Conversatives vs. Cooperating Conservatives: The War for the Future of the Southern Baptist Convention What Every Baptist Should Know About Believer's Baptism Tongues, the IMB, and Biblical Interpretation Trust, Trustees, and Transparency In Christ Alone: Ecumenical Evangelism vs. Re-Emerging Baptist Landmarkism Forbid Them Not From Serving Stand Up and Be Counted (Petition) The Old IMB Policies Compared with the New IMB Policies . . . IMB Missionaries: Our Heroes The Cooperative Program Means Cooperation Heartbroken but Hopeful Tears for Miss Bertha Smith--Then Cheers! Bully Baptists vs. Broken Baptists Richmond IMB Meeting January 9-11th, 2006 IMB Meeting, Monday, January 9th, 2006 My Family Thanks You and a Few Personal Requests Five Salient Points >> Rick Thompson: Resolutions I Am Making Coming Out of Our Last IMB Meeting NEW Reflections on Our IMB Meeting (Everyone Stay Calm) NEW Does the Waodani Tribe Have a Legitimate Church? NEW When Your Enemy Becomes Your Friend NEW Long Awaited Rationale Made Public NEW Just Because We Disagree It Doesn't Mean We Don't Like You Let's Get on with It How a Question Changes Things Grueling Week at the IMB The Ever Changing Recommendation Trustee Meetings in Glass Rooms IMB and Baptism >> Jerry Corbaley: Frank Discussion on the IMB and SBC NEW The IMB, Conservative Resurgence, and the Most Excellent Way NEW Toward Understanding NEW Rock Soup NEW Introspection: Current Conclusions NEW Hopefully We Will Live and Learn The IMB Integrity, and Polity >> Hershael York: Broadus on the Requirements to Be a True Church NEW Dr. Ergun Caner Weighs in on IMB Baptism Policy NEW A Defense of the IMB Policy on Baptism NEW >> Tom Ascol: IMB Trustee Chairman Sends Letters, Posts Explanations NEW Rationale for the IMB Guideline on Baptism NEW Jerry Rankin, President of the IMB, Speaks Candidly in Interview NEW IMB Trustee Propose Changes in Course in Dealing with Burleson NEW Stratton on Ascol on York NEW More Light from the Philadelphia Association The Philadelphia Association Accepted Freewill Baptist Baptism Look Who Wouldn't Qualify Under the New IMB Guidelines What the IMB Controversy Is Not Recommendations and Observations on the Attempt to Remove a Conservative IMB Trustee Biblical Wisdom for the IMB Controversy >> Steve McCoy: Missional Suggestions 2 NEW Missional Suggestions NEW Churches Louder Than Blogs NEW The Cooperative Program NEW IMB Trustees Back Off Burleson NEW Ascol on York Ergun Caner, IMB Policy Hershael York Likes the IMB Baptism Policy Dog Breath An Open Letter to SBC Seminar Students IMB: Tongues and Baptism Wade Burleson: Open Letter to SBC Baptism, Praying in Tongues & SBC SBC, IMB, and Wade Burleson Keeping Our Eye on the Ball (Summary) >> Marty Duren: Missional Church NEW Finale--Tampa, Part 5 NEW This Is Dedicated to the Ones I Love--Tampa, Part 4 NEW Merry Go Round--Tampa, Part 3 NEW Smoke and Mirrors NEW Big Brother--Tampa, Part 1 Flowery Branch to Tampa Vedder on Baptist Succession John Hammett and the IMB Position Paper on Baptism Too Little, Too Late Georgia Trustes Speaks Out Say What? [Updated] - History of IMB/Wade Burleson situation Thoughts on CP and X-Comm Jerry Rankin Speaks with State Editors about Private Prayer Language Weekend Reading Trustees Consider Withdrawing Action Against Burleson Illegal Caucuses per the IMB "Blue Book" Words from a Fomer M Connecting the Dots . . . Part One Discerning Writing [Updated] (with response by Dr. Nettles) Interesting Stuff from the Texan Open Letter to IMB Trustees from Benjamin S. Cole A Picture Is Worth a Thousand Words Thoughts White Paper Inconsistency, Thy Name Is SBC BFM 2000 Cooperation The Blind Leading the Bland Foot in Mouth Disease You Too Can Contact IMB Trustees IMB Update IMB/McWhite, Part 2 An Open Letter to IMB Trustees How Many Voted? Story of Another Trustee More Trustee Moments Trustees in Attendance Wade Burleson Morris Chapman Weighs in on IMB Action Crossing the Rubicon Former IMB Trustee, Pam Blume, Speaks Out Who Said It? Trustee Tom Hatley on Prayer Language Live Blogging IMB, Prayer Requested Why Am I Going? Trustee Meeting Report, Number 1 Trustee Meeting Report, Number 2 Trustee Meeting Report, Number 3 Trustee Meeting Report, Number 4 Trustee Meeting Report, Number 5 Proverbs 10:9, Part 1 Paige Patterson on Tongues >> Gene M Bridges: John L. Dagg-Manual of Theology Ch.3 - Part 3 NEW Those Wacky Baptists and Baptism! NEW Manual of Theology-The Universal Church by John L. Dagg-Part 2 NEW The Universal Church and SBC Theology--Introduction NEW Manual of Theology-Chapter3, The Universal Church by John L. Dagg--Part One NEW Southern Baptists and Baptism . . . Rejoiner to Dr. Ergun Mehmet Caner >> David Rogers: I Am Encouraged NEW Apparently Conflicting Reports NEW Great Commission Christians NEW Important Dialogue with Dr. Malcom Yarnell, SWBTS Theology Professor NEW Under What Banner? NEW Coming Clean Jan. 24 Letter to IMB Trustees >> Jason Robertson: Rankin's Personal Worship Techniques NEW Fide-O Interviews Wade Burleson NEW Rankin Speaks Out NEW Wade-ing In If You Want Our Money Then Follow Our Rules The Private Prayer Language Error >> Scott Hill: Is Extra Biblical, Unbiblical? A Pack of Poodles and the IMB Controversy >> Paul Littleton: IMB Trustee Incompetence NEW Southern Baptists - The New RCC? NEW Losing . . . Hope . . . Fast NEW The Bible and Re-Baptism Response to Hershael York >> Scott Bridwell: Searching for Answers NEW IMB Trustees NEW Predictions and Results NEW What's Up with the IMB Stuff??? NEW What If???? IMB, Trust and Accountability IMB Trustee - Let's Review I Called an IMB Trustee IMB Press Release IMB Trustee - Who's Blogging? IMB Trustee - Wade Burleson Trustee Meeting IMB Trustee More Trustee Stuff . . . IMB Trustees This Troubles Me . . . >> David Phillips: God, Sovereignty, and the IMB NEW IMB Trustees Have Broken Trust with the Convention NEW Timothy George's 'Southern Baptist Ghosts' NEW Studying Baptism? NEW One Comment, for now, on the Position Paper of Baptism by the IMB NEW Position Paper Concerning the IMB Policy on Glossolalia An Open Letter from Tom Hatley! Jerry Rankin Speaks Openly About Private Prayer Language Hatley, the IM Board, and Pearle Should Apologize Ben Matlock and the IMB: The Impact of Eliminating Principled Dissent The "OFFICIAL" IMB Statement from Tom Hartley Has Been Released My View on the Past 26 Years of the SBC - Leading From Fear Were the Disciples Baptized? And Another Thought . . . Jumping in to the New SBC Position on Tongues and Prayer Language . . . So Are They Just After Jerry Rankin? IMB Trustee Meeting Post 1 - Biblical Validation of Baptism Position We'll Do Ministry with Muslims, but not Baptists What Is a Landmark Baptist? The Trail of Blood . . . Baptist Theologian on Payer Language and Tongues >> Jason Sampler: Integrity NEW A Response to Drs. York and Caner, and a Word from a Landmarker (Not Me, of Course) NEW Some Wisdom from E.C. Dargan IMB Trustees and My Beef IMB Trustee Contact Info More Thoughts on Contacting Trustees Burleson Being Voted Out Burleson Prepares for Battle The IMB and Baptism >> Bowden McElroy: IMB Policies on Standard of Conduct NEW IMB: Encouraging Trustees to Lie NEW IMB: What I've Learned NEW Developmentally Delayed Policy NEW A Sad Day for the IMB NEW One More About the IMB Effecting Change in the IMB SBC Constitution and Missionaries Burleson and the IMB In Praise of SBC Bloggers What's to be Learned from the IMB? In Support of Wade Burleson Prayer Languages, Baptism, and Lewdness >> Jason Shepherd: Wade and the IMB Trustees - Last Straw NEW IMB Trustees - An Apology Is Needed! NEW IMB Update Wade and the IMB Trustees IMB Trustees Vote to Remove Wade Burleson! (updated) Tom Hatley's Statement IMB Trustee Chairman Non-committal BGCO Statement Regarding Wade >> Just Todd: IMB . . . Didn't See that One Coming . . . at Least that Way . . . NEW The High Road . . . Will the IMB Trustees Take the Road Less Traveled? NEW The Battle for Consensus . . . Revisions Abound and Still No Consensus NEW What Does the BWA Have to Do with the IMB Issues? Addiction, Accountability, and Fallen Powers . . . Fear of More Than the IMB . . . Kept in the Dark . . . The Way Forward with the IMB . . . More to the Point . . . (Michael Spencer referenced) Fractured Trust . . . Deeper Than Recent Changes . . . IMB Tongues . . . New Wires . . . IMB . . . Euphemism As Propoganda >> Tad Thompson: SBC, IMB Need Emotionally Intelligent Leadership NEW The Future Is Now for SBC and the IMB Wade Burleson: First Trustee Voted Off IMB Island The IMB, Baptism, Prayer Languages and Reformed Theology I The IMB, Baptism, Prayer Languages and Reformed Theology II Shed Tears for the SBC Unthinkable Trustee Action: We Can No Longer Assume Anything >> Michael Spencer: The End of the Debate: Gene Bridges on Baptists and Baptism NEW Brilliant! >> Daniel Randle: The New IMB Policies: Can Anything Be Done Now? NEW IMB Controversy Heads Toward Boiling Point >> Tim Sweatman: Outrageous! [Updated] NEW A Reassessment of Jerry Corbaley's Blog NEW Let's Not Get Personal NEW An Examination of the Position Papers Concerning the IMB Policies on Baptism and Tongues/Prayer Language NEW It's About Time NEW A Disappointment . . . So Far A Chronology of Absurdity An Open Letter to IMB Trustees What's the Real Issue? A Dark Day for the Southern Baptist Convention Concerns About Fundamentalism and the Future of the Southern Baptist Convention The IMBrolgio Over Tongues and Baptism >> Art Rogers: Two Years? - Part 4 NEW Two Years? - Part 3 NEW Two Years? - Part 2 NEW Two Years? - Part 1 NEW The Right Fight 2 NEW Double Edged Sword Dissent and Control The Perspective of History A Move Toward Transparency Pluses and Minuses The Policy of Conformity Watching Tampa? It's Quite a Show Tampa Update What to Watch for in Tampa Mission: India in the Balance Good Questions IMB Papers, Additional Items IMB and Charismatic Backgrounds IMB Churches and Missionary Qualifications IMB's Dr. Tom Hatley's Open Letters Critiqued IMB Announcement of Policy Rationale Open Letter to the IMB Board of Trustees A Promise and a Caution Free Public Dissent A Re-Mix of Tom Hatley's Spin The Right Fight The Hidden Treasure Will Young Leaders Show? A Clumsy Retreat Target: Young SBC Going Up the Ladder Big Trouble in the Southern Baptist Convention >> Wes Kenney: A Visit with a Former Trustee NEW IMB Trustees and Open Criticism NEW Tampa NEW Who Said What? [Updated] NEW For Clarity NEW Extraordinary Trustee Removal Accountability Lead, Follow, or . . . Autonomy and Conscience >> Kevin Bussey: Where Is the Apology? NEW The Death Knell? NEW Fear of Spiritual Gifts? NEW Dysfunction in the SBC . . . NEW I'm Confused . . . NEW The Wade . . . Program or Vision? Questions About the IMB Baptism Policy? Our Shrinking World . . . An Apology Is Due How Do We Find Balance? An Open Letter to the SBC >> Dorcas Hawker: Eyes Wide Open NEW A Most Excellent Adventure? [Updated] NEW Letter to Parkview - On the Matter of Tongues and Baptism NEW To Chairman Hatley NEW The International Mission Borg Collective >> John Schroeder: The Problem with Tongues and the SBC >> Joel Rainey: The Spirit of "Emerging Baptists" NEW What We Are Doing Right NEW Conviction, Cooperation, and the International Mission Board >> Sam Storms: Speaking in Tongues and the Southern Baptist Convetion I Speaking in Tongues and the Southern Baptist Convetion II >> John Armstrong: When the SBC Mission Board Stayed at a Holiday Inn Express News Outlets: >> Baptist Press Trustees at IMB Meeting Adopt New Document Concerning 'Public Criticism,' Formalize New Missionary Selection Process NEW Historic Juncture Envisioned for SBC Cooperative Program NEW IMB Seeks Withdrawal of Request to Remove Trustee NEW IMB President Speaks Plainly with State Editors about Private Prayer Language NEW IMB Exec. Committee Proposes Revising Action on Burleson NEW Mission Board Trustees Seek Removal of Trustee Burleson Trustee Appoint 89 Missionaries, Adopt Personnel Measures >> Associated Baptist Press IMB Won't Remove Blogging Trustee but Prohibits Dissent in Future Actions NEW IMB Seeks Removal of Blogging Trustee, Accuses Wade Burleson of 'Broken Trust' Texas Pastor's Open Letter Suggests All IMB Trustees Should Be Dismissed >> Christianity Today Costly Complaints Tongue Tied >> Southern Baptists of Texas Convention IMB Tightens Policy, Guidelines on Tongues, Baptism >> Florida Baptist Witness IMB President Speaks Plainly About Private Prayer Language NEW Executive Committee of IMB Trustees Propose Withdrawing Motion for SBC to Remove Burleson NEW >> The Baptist Courier An Open Letter to South Carolina Baptists NEW >> Ethics Daily SBC Leaders Endorse Plan for Increased Funding NEW >> The Christian Index Georgia IMB Trustee: Feedback Supports Move to Reverse Earlier Burleson Motion NEW Other: >> Baptist 2 Baptist: Report of the Southern Baptist Convention Peace Committee NEW >> SBC Annual Meeting Greensboro, NC 2006 -- This is by no means exhaustive, but I hope it would serve as a sort of reader for your convenience. -- Also, as links come in, I will be adding them to this page. If there are any important posts which I have overlooked, please make me aware of them so that they can be included.


Anonymous John said...


As I glanced through your links I did not see any that supported the decisions of the IMB. Have you ran across any bloggers who share the vision of the IMB in these areas?



1/16/2006 06:34:00 AM

Blogger Bowden McElroy said...

John: I've read one blogger that is supportive of the changes to the policy (http://fide-o.blogspot.com/2005/12/outcries-are-offbase.html).

1/16/2006 08:40:00 AM

Blogger Timmy said...


Thanks for the link. I have updated the list.


Unfortunately there are not many bloggers speaking out in support of the decisions of the IMB (your guess is as good as mine as to why). I must admit, I am more familiar with the blogs of those who are against this decision, so it was much easier for me to find their posts and link them. Maybe there are others out there, and I need to do a little more research.

1/16/2006 11:06:00 AM

Blogger D.R. said...

Wow, Tim, great list. Thanks for including me.

1/16/2006 06:55:00 PM

Blogger Warren said...

I've got a few posts on this myself that you might be interested in:
(the first are the most recent)


1/16/2006 09:42:00 PM

Blogger Nick said...

I have also compiled links - about 160 so far. I categorized them with delicious, a social bookmarking tool. See the links at My post here.

1/17/2006 01:05:00 AM

Blogger Timmy said...

Guys, thanks for adding your links (no shame for plugging your blogs :).

Let me just say that the latest post by Tom Ascol is very helpful for the discussion. I highly recommend that those trying to understand the nature of the dissent/disagreement with the IMB should glean from the wisdom he brings to the table.

Also, Wade Burleson (if you have not listened to it already) has provided the audio to his sermon this past Sunday in which he shared the recent events with his church family. Consider listening.

Again, if there are other posts which I have not mentioned, please plug them. However, I would prefer more substance than rhetoric (it has it's place but just not here), so if a post is intended to injure rather than inform, please refrain.

1/17/2006 06:30:00 AM

Blogger martyduren said...

Dude, what a chore! I didn't realize that I had posted so much on this issue.

Most of the people are ardently support these types of moves are not familiar with the internet to the degree that bloggers are. Many of the trustees don't even know what a blog is, or how to find one. One even called blogging that same thing as "internet pornography." A trustee said to me that blogging was "crap."

Most of them are state paper, telephone, email kinds of folks. Nothing wrong with that necessarily, but it does help explain why they lack presence in the blogosphere.

1/17/2006 11:48:00 AM

Blogger martyduren said...

"who ardently"

1/17/2006 11:49:00 AM

Blogger Timmy said...


My mother always said that a good chore was worth $.25. Where's my allowance?

1/17/2006 12:33:00 PM


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