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Friday, May 05, 2006

Quick Hits for May 5, 2006

I used to do "Random Stuff for the Week of" every Friday, but since the new year I have changed a bit and added POTW (pic of the week). However, every so often I would like to mention a few things that have interested me and point you to them, so I thought I'd do that today. So here are my Quick Hits for today, May 5, 2006. * Mike Hess came out with a great new blog called Extreme Fundamental Makeover. The site was designed by none other than Challies, and the template is clean and easy to navigate (unlike mine!). Morever, Mike continues to put great stuff out there, so I encourage you to check it out! * Earlier this week, Kenan Plunk shared with us that Heartcry Missionary Society (Paul Washer) has relocated to his home church, First Baptist Church, Muscle Shoals where Jeff Noblit is the senior pastor. This church is less than one hour from my hometown, and I am excited to see the partnership that has been fostered there through the gospel! * Yesterday, John Divito pointed out on his blog a post on Emergent's blog about having an anti-doctrinal statement. If that post isn't enough, you have to check out this one about Emergent pastors and marriage. I plan on writing about this soon. Unbelievable. * Paul Martin, whom I had the privilege to get to know last week, has an excellent blog called Examining Emergent where he has been sharing his reseach on the movement. Be sure to check out his series of posts called "Where Emergent Goes Bad." * Since the startup of Strange BaptistFire, more folks are curious to know who the guys are who are behind BaptistFire's website. One reader took it upon himself to do a little investigating. To read his findings, go here and here. Man, I didn't know you could do stuff like that! * Dr. Mohler announced at the Band of Bloggers meeting last week that he has a new blog coming out called Conventional Wisdom wherein he will be writing about issues specifically pertaining to the SBC. Daniel Randle has written about this new development, and you can find his article here. * Finally, as the semester is coming to a close, I will have a little more breathing room to post more pictures and write a little more. Today, I have already added some images from the T4G Conference and will continue to do so in the upcoming days. You can find the images here or here.


Blogger Gavin Brown said...

hey tim. i am a fellow UM alum...happened upon your blog from a link from another blog.

i read the anti-doctrinal statement from the Emergent blog. i found the following statement very troubling:

"The very idea of a 'statement of faith' is mired in modernist assumptions and driven by modernist anxieties"

What a line of ambiguous, relativist rubbish. With each passing day, it becomes more clear that the EC will go to any theological length to be "missional," (which is really a trendy word with no clear meaning, which is fine i guess since clarity is frowned upon) as long as they can pin modernity as the scapegoat. Blah!

5/05/2006 10:30:00 AM

Blogger Timmy said...


Great to meet up with other fellow UM alumni! Are still in the Mobile area?

Concerning the anti-doctrinal statement, it is simply dishonest and dubious. Emergent (as well as others who say we must embrace postermodernism) are all to concerned not to focus on doctrine and theology. They, being postfoundationalists, give no place for propositional truth and the necessity for theological framework.

Yet the dishonesty comes from the fact that, while they are making such dubious statements, they are making propositional statements and doctrinal positions. To say that you do not have a doctrinal statement *is* a doctrinal statement. Personal truth is predicated by propositional truth.

These guys cannot dismiss the law of non-contradiction and neglect the rules of logic, though they try. They simply don't want to be pinned down, yet they do not realize that every time they speak, they pin themselves down.

Don't believe all the jargon that they are anti-doctrinal. No, they are certainly doctrinal and propositional in their claims. They just have a sneaky way of making you think otherwise.

While they criticize their modernist, or should I say, post-postmodernist brothers about the emphasis placed on theological truth and doctrinal exactness, they behind the scenes are constructing their own theological framework against us and come out in public and say, "No we're not!"

5/05/2006 01:50:00 PM

Blogger Gavin Brown said...


I graduated in '02. I am a minister of music at a church in birmingham...starting an MDiv later this year at beeson.

yes, the refutation of doctrinal statements IS a statement itself. good point.

5/05/2006 03:16:00 PM


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