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Saturday, May 06, 2006

What Others Are Saying About Strange BaptistFire

This morning I thought I’d do a research on Strange BaptistFire to see what others are saying about our new blog. Here are some quotes I picked up from the SBF blog and others I came upon. Hope this is as encouraging to you as it is to me!

********** Sweet Moses, this could be good…

********** This is long overdue. I firmly believe that the vast majority of my Baptist brethren have a very fuzzy conception of doctrine. Let’s pray that God will use this to draw them into the light and out of the clutches of deception.

********** It's good to see an answer to the “baptist fire” keep up the good works.

********** Thanks for taking the time to provide a place for the truth of the gospel to be held high!

********** Readable, reformational, refreshing . . .

********** Hey… this is all very interesting. God bless, and I’m glad to see that someone’s is debunking a site like baptistfire!

********** It is wonderful to see this site starting up! I wish God’s blessings upon the site. May His truth shine forth.

********** Thank you all for your ministry. Your StrangeBaptistfire website will be very helpful to those seeking to grow in grace and knowledge of Christ. I have seen the BaptistFire website and it is very sad to see such comments made by ‘believers’.

********** Again thanks for the new site. I think the response is so great because the stuff on the Baptist Fire site is representative of all of the preaching and teaching (if you can call it that) lately against the Doctrines of Grace.

********** I am very glad to see this type of Blog created for the purpose of defending the Biblical doctrines of grace and responding to Calvinistic misrepresentations. The time for proving one’s ’strong argument’ against Calvinistic Baptists is long overdue and even though I doubt any of BaptistFire’s followers will dare to attempt a Biblical, God-honoring response (or any at all) here to be challenged, it is still honoring God to proclaim His truth, rather than our own distortion of His truth.

********** Thank you for this site. I live in an area where there are no Founders or Reformed Baptist Churches. This is a breath of fresh air. I will read this regularly. God bless you richly.

********** Hi! I’m from the Philippines and I just want everyone to know that it is encouraging to see websites like this which involve men of God who “properly handle the Word of truth” (2 Tim. 2:15). I pray that the Lord will continually bless your ministry of proclaiming His unchanging and uncompromising truth in this changing and compromising world.

********** I will also pray that this blog may serve as a tool to make the Reformed biblical truth appear more evidently and gloriously juxtaposed and/or compared with what opposes it. May God be pleased to bless you in this work and give glory to His name alone through this blog!

********** I was first made aware of baptistfire last year, and initially thought it was someone’s idea of a really bad joke. The more I read, the more I realized it was no joke, but that they were serious. I’m really glad you’re all taking this on. May the Lord bless this endeavor with grace & truth.

********** It sadly seems God has called today’s non-compromising ministers that proclaim the true Gospel down a seeming lonely path. But please know that there are people praying fervently for you all.

********** I am so glad you guys have decided to engage the odd misrepresentations over at BaptistFire.com. Keep it up. I plan on reading regularly. God bless you guys.

********** Times really haven’t changed much, eh? Well, praise God almighty for this new site to challenge and embarrass those who would distort the gospel of grace. SOLI DEO GLORIA

********** The reason I am excited about the appearance of this blog is because their purpose is to counter the putrid spew of the anti-Calvinist site baptistfire.com. This wouldn't be of such note except for the fact that baptistfire.com was used just recently in my church [church name deleted] to promote division which ended up being very destructive to the body of Christ. I am thrilled to see the authors of Strange BaptistFire taking the time and making the effort to set the historic Baptist record straight.

********** I've been on the search for blogs/websites that expound on reformed theology. I must say, I've come across some interesting reading. One of the best sites I've found is called Strange Baptistfire.

********** I just found that website yesterday. All I can say is "it's about time!"

************************************************* ************************************************* Thanks, everyone, for the positive feedback! We hope to be a place where God is gloriously seen through the lens of biblical truth. While BaptistFire clearly is why this blog has been started, I believe that SBF will accomplish more than just refuting the lies and slander of anonymous people, and in time, I pray that the Lord will be please to vindicate his truth.


Blogger 4given said...

I am so excited abuot this new blog. It is excellent and challenging. One of my favorites now.

5/07/2006 01:19:00 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

It's one of my favorites as well. :)

I'm just trying to absorb it all!

5/08/2006 05:14:00 PM

Blogger Timmy said...

Thank you for your enthusiasm over SBF! While we have made it clear that we want address the errors and dangerous tactics of BaptistFire, we also hope that we will be an encouragement who diligently study the Scriptures and have a passion for the truth. May the Lord sanctify us in truth; His word is truth!

5/09/2006 03:58:00 AM


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